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Gettin' A Happy Toddler
"My daughter Abigail was 14 months old and had only slept a 10 hour stretch a couple times in her life. I was finally fed up when she started waking three times a night again at 14 months and I was getting little to no sleep at night. Kattie came up with a sleep plan within 24 hours for me and I started the NEXT DAY! The plan was easy to follow and not only did it get Abi sleeping through the night by night four but we also eliminated bottles and pacifiers FOR GOOD! I also didn’t realize how miserable Abi was until after she was sleet trained. Her demeanor has changed completely for the better. I cannot recommend Kattie enough for everything she’s done for my family and my sanity!"
Mom to Abigail
Gettin' Our Evenings Back
"We reached out to Kattie when our daughter was 4.5 months old. She was still swaddled and needed to be rocked to sleep for all naps and multiple times a night. It was time for a change. Kattie taught us all we needed to know about how to get our daughter to sleep independently. Under her guidance we were able to transition our daughter out of swaddle, moved her to her crib in her own room, and have her fall asleep independently and quickly for all sleep- plus the bonus of sleeping 12 hours at night. If you're on the fence about hiring Katie's asleep consultant do it sleep training has improved the quality of my life so much and made our baby the happiest little girl."
Mom to Lia

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